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Should you partner in business with family or friends?
Published date: November 2016
You realisethe benefits of joining forces with like-minded individuals who could bring new skills, talents, perspective and value to your business. It is only natural to consider family or friends you have known and trusted for most of your life.The question is: is it wise to go into business with family or friends?
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5 Things to Do Before Filing for Divorce
Published date: November 2016
The decision to get a divorce is one of the most crucial conclusions a person can make with consequences that last for years or even a lifetime, however most couples begin this process unprepared and are often not on the same page about how the proceedings should be rolled out.
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Are couples who Live Together a Common Law Husband & Wife?
Published date: October 2016
There is no such thing as a common law wife/husband. What there is, is called a Universal Partnership and the courts could find that a couple is in a Universal Partnership.
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